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To learn about the evolution of my devotion to Donna's, read on.  


When we first moved to Chappaqua with our small children, a friend recommended Donna's as a place to take our children for haircuts. Our three year old daughter loved having her hair cut by Jeanne.  Throughout elementary, middle and high school, Jeanne has regularly cut our daughter's hair.


I, on the other hand, took longer to jump in.  I was a cautious New Yorker, who had reluctantly moved from "the city" to a far away suburb (pre-Clinton) of Chappaqua.   Tired of the high prices and "attitude" of my NYC hairdresser, I decided to give Donna's Hair Design a try for me.  My first "toe in the water" was single process base color in a warm natural brown.  Executed with precision by Jeanne, my new color was a vast improvement over the jet black pixie I had sported from the city.


Next, I ventured into Donna's chair for a haircut.  My demeanor in the chair was a cross between a benevolent dictator and a miniature schnauzer.  Highly intense and tense, this 80 hour per week working mom and full-time Managment Consultant wanted to know exactly what the style would be before the stylist, Donna, approached the chair.   


I'm not sure exactly when my transition occurred, but over time, I stopped trying to control the haircut.  I learned to trust Donna.  With each haircut, I grew to recognize Donna's artistry as a master hair designer.  No longer do I try to control the end result.  I sit down in the chair and say, "your call".  


Donna styles hair with seemingly effortless motion.  Having my hair cut has become a fun experience - watching Donna create a style that suits me.  Eventually,  I took a leap of faith and tried highlights by Donna - at first a few, and eventually a 1/2 head.  The result: gorgeous!  Next, I tried Patsy's amazing Keratin treatment - now an annual occurrence, this treatment has enabled me to move through the summer heat and humidity with relaxed confidence.  


Donna's has been a part of our most important life occasions.  When our daughter was 11, Diego created a sweet, age-appropriate style for her for her brother's bar mitzvah.  At 12, Angela cut our daughter's long hair, for donation to Locks of Love - a special and meaningful experience.  Throughout our daughter's teen years, Angela has created beautiful, elegant styles for our daughter for her bat mitzvah, her sweet 16 and her senior prom. This summer, Angela gave our daughter her "back to school" haircut before leaving for college.  


I am not an easy client.  My schedule changes often, and at times I need to move around my appointments.  Fran and Cindy work with me to make scheduling easy, offering constructive suggestions on how to make my appointments work.  Although Jeanne is my regular colorist, when rescheduling, I've needed to be flexible.  Tara, Patsy or Pam have each colored my hair, all with consistent, excellent results.  And no review would be complete, without mentioning Betty, who does an outstanding job supporting the entire team with hair washing, glazing, etc., always with a smile and a kind word.


I recently retired from my 80 hour a week profession, and I am now an empty nester.  Through my personal and professional transition toward my next career as writer, inspirational speaker and advocate for self-empowerment in women and girls, Donna has helped me to transform my look. 


In summary, I love my hair, and I love Donna's Hair Design!  I look forward to continuing to be a client at a hair salon that treats me with respect and helps me to look and feel my best, always.

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