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Fall has finally arrived, and while we’re going to miss the trips to the beach and cocktails by the pool, we can’t be more excited for the changing temperatures and falling leaves. Autumn is a time for new beginnings and fresh starts—new school years, new sweaters, and most importantly, new hairstyles. Donna Hair Design is the perfect salon for you if you’re feeling like spicing things up this Fall.

Changing your hair color every season is sure to help you feel like a new person. When there is a chill in the air, it’s always a good idea to slip back into darker hair tones. To give your hair that playful vibe, try adding in some bright undertones. Here are 4 stunning hair colors ideas that we think are perfect for you this fall:

Milk Chocolate Brown

Take it back to the basics with a classic and creamy milk chocolate color. For something more wild, try adding in lowlights of dark chocolate brown for hair that is stunning in all dimensions.

Vibrant Burgundy

Really get in touch with your Autumn side. Vibrant burgundy will look stunning in the contrast of all the vibrant fall colors.

Dusty Rose Gold

Try a unique dusty rose gold color to harness the inspiration of change during the Autumn months. Try pairing this dusty rose gold color with lowlights of a deep burgundy for hair that glows.

Champagne Red

Get in touch with your vintage side and try a classic champagne red. Fall is all about the oranges, reds, and yellows. A champagne red color will transcend through this season of luminescent colors and changes.

These stunning colors are sure to have you turning heads all through the Autumn months. Our professional stylists really know how to work a masterpiece on your hair. That’s why we provide such precise and accurate color formulas. We want the best for our clients.

If you’re equally excited about changing up your Fall look as you are about cozying up by a fire, we recommend booking an appointment with one of our talented Stylists. They can help you find the Fall shade that’s right for you—whether that’s red, pastel, caramel or any other color under the sun, we've got you covered!

Give us a call today and get ready to experience a truly unique salon journey with Donna Hair Design.


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