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There’s something incredibly satisfying about fixing two problems with just one solution. It’s like a BOGO for your brain, and it’s even better when it happens at one of the busiest times of the year. Yes, we’re talking about the holidays. Now is the time to get your Hairstyle lined up to take you through the holidays in style and then on toward spring without missing a beat. It’s like the ultimate present to yourself.

There are four keywords to remember for holiday hair this year – bangs, ponies, waves, and volume. As always, begin with a great cut. It’s the foundation of any solid style, but this time you may want to consider adding some fringe. There’s a huge range of styles from which to choose – eye grazing, baby bangs and just about everything in between. Bangs can really draw attention to your face and they can also be amazingly flexible, too. Piece them, keep them sleek, brush them to one side or pull them straight back. It’s up to you and how you’re feeling today.

Ponies are always a great option for styling longer hair. This year we’ll see a lot of low, loose ponies either in the back or off to one side, and don’t be surprised to see scrunchies making a comeback too. For a romantic holiday touch, add a loosely tied velvet ribbon. If you prefer something more tailored, opt for a sleek high pony or a tiered style.

Layers will be the key to adding volume and movement in the coming months. Lobs, bobs, super short bobs, and long, textured layers will let you individualize your look while bringing in some wavy action at the same time. Plus those with lots of curls will only need a few layers on the inside to look natural but up-to-date.

Get your style set for the holidays and beyond with the styling team here at Donna Hair Design. With our expertise and phenomenal products, you’ll be ahead of the game before the year runs out.

Give us a call at (914) 238-3613 to book an appointment today!


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