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Death to Dry Hair

It’s official, summer is almost over and fall is around the corner. Break out the oversized knitted sweaters, rich autumn colors, and those glorious boots you’ve been dying to slip on since early August. Cool brisk air is slowly moving in, chasing away the summer humidity and all the frizz that came with it. While the cooler weather is a relief from those hot summer days, often it brings dry air that threatens your luscious locks. To lock in moisture for the fall and upcoming winter and reduce breakage, let’s take a look at some key products and practices that can help.

Stop Clarifying

Often times clarifying, or cleansing, shampoos are recommended to help give your hair a boost. Especially in the summer, these shampoo’s remove build-up on your scalp and hair, like oil or hair products. While it’s okay to use it once in awhile, we highly recommend using it sparsely in these seasons. Instead, substitute it out for a moisturizing shampoo/conditioner to help put moisture back into your hair. Come into Donna Hair Design today and our professional stylists can recommend a product that’s right for you based on your hair type.

Mask It

Moisturizing masks are never a bad idea, especially in the cool, dry seasons. Generally speaking, it’s good to apply a conditioning mask once or twice a month. If you use a lot of heat on your hair, or have a chemical process done regularly, we recommend having a mask applied at least twice a month. By regularly using a deep conditioning treatment, your hair can battle the dry climate and remain luscious and healthy all fall and winter. Ask your stylist about our deep conditioning treatments to learn more.

Fresh Cut

Keeping the ends of your hair trimmed can help keep your hair healthy. Because your ends experience the most heat and chemical stress, they break and dry out easier. To help your hair stay full, healthy, and retain moisture, it’s necessary to get it trimmed regularly.

Don’t let the dry climate get the best of you, it’s possible to maintain those glorious luscious locks. Call today to schedule an appointment with our professional stylists.

At Donna Hair Design, we strive to make your best impression, your only impression.


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